Things To Do In Wales

Wales is a lovely, vibrant country that has a wide array of different things for a whole host of different types of people to do. It is a region that is absolutely full of natural drama, no matter where you are – whether you are strolling along its endless beaches or even walking in its ample amount of large mountain ranges. Wales has a huge historical background too, it is full of a selection of ancient monuments, museums and much more. Whether you find yourself looking for typical activities associated with the countryside, the various attractions on offer, places to eat exceptional local and traditional food and drink, just what’s on in the local area, day trips throughout the country or a selection of general trips and associated itineraries too.

Firstly, if you are looking for a break from your regular based work routine and want to get out into the countryside then Pembrokeshire is the perfect place for you. Pembrokeshire in Wales is extremely well equipped for people looking for some serious outdoor adventure, there is a large number of outdoor activities wherever you go – from things like paint balling in the forests, biking in the mountains or hills, having a go at bush craft and foraging in the endless vast countryside. Fishing in lakes, rivers or even in the Irish sea, golf in some of the United Kingdom’s most famous courses, horse riding in a large number of diverse terrains or even rock and rope climbing up some increasingly difficult mountains too.

We here at the Old Pharmacy restaurant would highly recommend going on a cycling holiday if you have never done so before, it’s definitely two wheels good in Wales. We offer a range of different mountain biking centres that offer a large number of single and dual track trails throughout our beautiful countryside. Feel free to come along and give it a go on one of our free ride hot spots, perfectly designed for all riders – from beginner level, right up to the professionals. In actual fact, our trails surrounding the restaurant in Pembrokeshire forms part of the National Cycling Network – this is a track of interlinked trails that go on for over 1300 miles. You really do have the flexibility to have a great day out, wherever you decide to go on your travels.

If you’d like to find out some more about the potential activities that are on offer for tourists in Wales or more locally in Pembrokeshire then you should head on over to the following website – VisitWales. Here you will find a much more detailed list of activities, their locations and also reviews from people who have undertaken each of them in the past. It’s certainly worth taking a look at if you are planning on heading to the valleys at any point in the near future. Thank you for reading this post and please come back to visit the old pharmacy again in the near future, we will have more posts and information regarding your potential visit.

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