The Old Pharmacy Restaurant

The Old Pharmacy Restaurant

The Old Pharmacy has been an established restaurant within Pembrokeshire in Wales for the last 25 years and has been on the “Good Food Guide Recommended” list consecutively since 1999. If you are within the area it is something not to be missed!

Within the Pembrokeshire area there aren’t many places available for food service. However, of those few available we are ranked the highest for affordability, quality of our service and most importantly quality of our food.

The restaurant itself is situated in the village of Lower Solva and located inside what was a former chemist store. If you are not from the area, we are on the main road, next to the A487 which is next to the river and leads down to the river Solva before leading out into the ocean.

Here at The Old Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on being able to provide great food and service in a relaxed and friendly environment. The menus we offer are a la carte, supplemented with daily changing specials based on our chefs finest dishes. With this option we can allow you to choose how much or little you wish to eat, from a bowl of soup to a four course meal including a desert and an espresso at the end.

Additionally, we pride ourselves in being specialized in using only the finest produce of meat, fish, seafood, lobster and crab to create our food which is all remarkably bought locally on a daily basis. The style of cooking our chef’s use is a modern and light style with an emphasis on the freshness and quality of the produce being used throughout the meals creation. We combine classic old style, standard recipes with flavors and cooking techniques created in other areas of the globe.
We welcome all kinds of people to our restaurant from families with children to just adults, we can cater for everyone. Dinner starts at 5pm for close who desire to dine at an early time, we have a garden which is pretty throughout the year which leads down to the river and is open for you to sit, drink or eat in if you so choose.  Typically people tend to while away outside with a bottle of wine or other drinks until it gets cold before coming inside for their meals. Towards the end of the evening we typically provide good live music, an area within the restaurant for children to play in and we open up a bar specifically for drinks for an extra social aspect.

We do offer private parties for wedding, birthdays, parties or other joyous events; however we require notice before arranging it, so to prevent our regulars from turning up on that specific day. We can cater up to 35 people, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any inquiries. We are certain you will not be disappointed with our services and will definitely keep returning throughout your time in Pembrokeshire. We hope to hear from you soon!

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