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We’re here today to update everybody on the latest musings that is going on in the Old Pharmacy, we have recently achieved planning permission for a new restaurant sub-section to be added on to our originally existing restaurant. From this extension we are hoping to increase visitor numbers considerably over the next few years, however we’re unsure on whether or not we will be able to fill it just yet. I’m hoping that we will get some new people wanting to visit Pembrokeshire, not only just for the restaurant, but also to benefit all of the local community too – this is something that is extremely important for all of us here at the Old Pharmacy and moving forward it’s going to be exciting to see how the community progresses too.

Tenby, Pembrokeshire

In other news we are also hiring for a range of roles within the hotel and restaurant too, we need a floor manager, waiting staff, a head chef and regular chef’s and also security on a contractual basis. As you can imagine it’s going to be difficult to process all of these job requests at once so if you are interested in working for us then please send us over an email, containing the job you are hoping to apply for, your CV and also a covering letter that explains your current living situation – where you live, what your previous jobs have been and also why you would like to come to work at the Old Pharmacy, the best applicant will be asked to come in for an interview and we will hopefully get you working here within two weeks – unless you have an extended notice period at your current place of work.

What we can offer is a wide range of different benefits to all people working at the Old Pharmacy, not only are we situated within the heart of Wales, but we also have a free gym membership on site, we provide all staff with free breakfast, lunch and dinner for those who like to work later on into the evening. In addition we also offer people in a range of different roles additional benefits, however these are relative to the actual job they do. Please enquire about these at a later date for more information on any of the above.

One final note on all of the above is that we also offer people a referral fee if you know anybody who is potentially a good fit for any of our roles, this once again depends on the roll but it will be for over five hundred great British pounds – quite a substantial amount of money for those who are interested. Thank you for keeping up to date on all of our updates, we will continue to post here for those that are interested, please leave us a comment in the comments section below if you would like a particular blog post on anything related to the restaurant or the local Pembrokeshire community. Many thanks again from everybody here at the Old Pharmacy, we will speak again soon!

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